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What technical features does the air sterilizer use?

The working principle of the air sterilizer, whether it is the circulating wind ultraviolet light or the electrostatic adsorption or other principles, states in the specification that "the repair and maintenance of the sterilizer should follow the instructions for use of the product." In order to ensure the disinfection effect, it is recommended to Regular maintenance and maintenance of the air sterilizer.

The significance of maintenance is to find out whether the performance of the machine is in good condition, whether the disinfection components are working normally, etc., so as to ensure the effect of disinfection, so as not to let the disinfection work do "useless work", and truly "only manage the air disinfection machine well. use"!

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Most of them are air sterilizers. I remember that when we started to manage this work, we found that the running air sterilizer was on and off normally, and every time we used it, we could feel the "strong wind" of the air sterilizer, but when we turned on the machine, we found that except for the rear filter In addition to the thick dust accumulated in the net, 2 of the 4 lamps are not bright, and the intensity of one of the 4 lamps is not up to the standard. For this we immediately cleaned the filter and replaced the lamp. The maintenance and maintenance of the air sterilizer is set as a daily work, and the inspection is carried out twice a year. The inspection content is to monitor the intensity of the ultraviolet lamp, clean the machine filter, monitor the performance of the machine, maintain..., and write it into our management. in the system.

At present, most air sterilizers have a regular sterilization function. What we need to pay attention to is whether the air sterilizer can be turned on normally for disinfection every time? Therefore, we require users to check whether the machine can be started normally during each time the machine is running, and report for repair in time if there is a fault to ensure the effect of disinfection.

For the cumulative record of disinfection time, if the machine already has the time accumulation function, it is recommended not to do so, because the accumulation of disinfection time is really not related to the disinfection effect, and it can only increase the workload of medical staff in vain. Test the IQ of medical staff by accumulating errors for simple numbers.