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How does UV sterilization technology escort public transportation?

As the situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control has stabilized, the passenger and cargo transportation market in the civil aviation industry has gradually become on track. However, the situation of overseas epidemic import is still not optimistic, and the epidemic prevention and control work is still severe. The carry-on baggage, items, and checked baggage of civil aviation passengers are large and scattered, and it is difficult to achieve a comprehensive and unified elimination without dead ends. The new crown virus can trigger airport security checks and related staff and passengers to spread through the above items, plus international With the continuation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, airport sterilization and disinfection of passenger luggage and the surface of items has become a normalized demand, and regular sterilization and disinfection of the surface of the conveyor belt of security inspection equipment has also become a necessity.

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In order to help the airport epidemic prevention and control work to a new level, promote the development of the airport's scientific and technological "war against epidemic" work, and ensure the safety of airport passengers and security personnel. Guangzhou Lanpu has launched two solutions for security inspection equipment-the UV sterilization solution for luggage security inspection equipment and the UV sterilization solution for pallets.

Ultraviolet sterilization (UVC band) technology has been used for many years in industries that require high sanitary conditions such as the food and sanitation industries. It can destroy the DNA or RNA molecular structure of bacteria and viruses, and is very good for bacteria and viruses including the new coronavirus. The killing effect. Its bactericidal efficiency is high, and the killing effect on bacteria and viruses can be completed in a short time; the bactericidal broad-spectrum is good, and it can effectively kill almost all bacteria and viruses.

UV sterilization solution for luggage security inspection line

By installing high-intensity ultraviolet disinfection lamps inside the security inspection equipment, and also installing ultraviolet disinfection lamps under the non-motorized roller table, the luggage, parcels and conveyor belts passing through the security inspection equipment can be sterilized and disinfected in all directions, so as to prevent the attachment to passengers. Bacteria and viruses on luggage, parcels and conveyor belts have a good killing effect, which can effectively prevent the further spread of bacteria and viruses, and prevent a variety of infectious diseases from harming passengers and security personnel.
The UV sterilization solution can be directly equipped on new equipment, or can be directly installed through simple upgrades to existing equipment. This program is suitable for the product series for the security inspection of hand luggage, checked luggage, and large cargo.

Tray UV sterilization solution

Through technical upgrades, ultraviolet (UVC band) sterilization technology is used to effectively sterilize the trays during the return process, thereby eliminating the risk of bacteria and viruses spreading between passengers and security personnel using trays as carriers. At the same time, an ultraviolet sterilization module is added to the return path of the lower tray. The sterilization module is equipped with ultraviolet germicidal lamp in four directions, up, down, left, and right, which can sterilize the tray in all directions without dead ends.

The first is that it can quickly eliminate bacteria and viruses on the surface of the tray, and can protect passengers and staff from contacting and spreading diseases; the second is that the modular design is easy to install into the existing system.