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How important is a bottle sterilizer?

To raise a baby, you need to prepare a lot of baby supplies, including a few key supplies that will be used after birth. Let’s pick a particularly important one today-the bottle sterilizer.

Then why is the milk green sterilizer important, and why should I buy a baby bottle sterilizer? The commonly used method for sterilizing baby bottles is to boil water to 100°C, and then soak the parts of the cleaned baby bottles in a pot to sterilize the baby bottles through high temperature. However, this disinfection method is only suitable for milk bottles that can withstand high temperatures above 120°C, and has two disadvantages: one is that it costs more pacifiers; the other is that not all bottles can be sterilized by boiling.

And when using boiling disinfection, you must look for the baby bottles with the number triangle symbol on the bottom. The common numbers are 5, 78 and 106. The materials of the baby bottles with these logos are relatively high temperature resistant and stable in nature. , So that it will be safer during boiling and disinfection.

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Boiling disinfection is simple and easy to use, and it is a method used by most families. However, can this disinfection method really achieve a complete sterilization effect? First of all, we need to know that scalding with boiling water can only scald a very small number of bacteria. If it is not thoroughly air-dried in time after washing, the remaining unscalded bacteria can grow and multiply quickly in a damp baby bottle.

Moreover, the pacifier and the nipple ring are the easiest to breed bacteria, because the residual milk in the gap has sufficient nutrients, which is suitable for the reproduction of bacteria. Generally, there are two kinds of materials for pacifiers on the market, one is silicone, the other is latex, but no matter which material is used, boiling disinfection will cause certain damage to the pacifier, which will greatly reduce the service life. If the operation is improper, It may even produce harmful substances.

The so-called disease is imported from the mouth, especially for groups with weaker immunity like newborns, whose gastrointestinal function is still very fragile. Once they are invaded by bacteria, various diseases will appear. Blind use of high temperature disinfection may cause secondary pollution to the baby bottle, and bacteria may enter the baby's mouth without knowing it. Therefore, for inexperienced novice mothers, it is recommended to buy a baby bottle sterilizer to save money. Save time and worry, mainly because the bottle sterilizer will give your baby more and safer protection! (Of course, boiling disinfection is not completely infeasible, it is also feasible, but there are so many places to pay attention to, if you don’t pay attention, which link will be missed)

What are the disinfection principles of different types of baby bottle sterilizers? 1. Sterilization principle of the steam milk bottle sterilizer: After the steam milk bottle sterilizer is closed, a relatively closed space can be formed. After the electricity is heated, the steam will reach 100℃. All attached bacteria inside and outside the body will also be destroyed by the high temperature.

How to use: First pour 100ml of water into the evaporator, then put the washed baby bottle upside down into the container of the baby bottle sterilizer, then put the pacifier and other small parts into the small container, and close the lid . After turning on the power, press the disinfection button, and the disinfection time must be more than 10 minutes. Steam baby bottle sterilizer is currently the most widely used, most thorough and effective method for disinfection, because it does not have harsh requirements for the structure and light transmittance of the sterilizer, and is especially suitable for sterilizing children's baby bottles and tableware.

Drying baby bottle sterilizer — After steam sterilization, there will be a lot of water drops on the inner and outer walls of the baby bottle. The humid environment will accelerate the growth of bacteria. In order to prolong the cleaning time of the baby bottle, this kind of product is based on the ordinary steam baby bottle sterilizer. Added drying function.

Now the self-use Xiao Zhuang Xiong four-in-one baby bottle sterilizer integrates steam and drying. After steam sterilization is used, the drying can be set. This operation saves worry and effort, and the disinfection effect is also very good. There is no need to prepare complicated machines and large places. A machine not only has two disinfection functions, but also has a thermostat pot that can be used to make milk, not to mention it is more convenient.

Baby bottle sterilizer is a must-have product for every family with a baby, so you must buy it carefully.