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Is the steam of the baby bottle sterilizer better or the UV?

The baby's most frequent contact is the milk bottle, which is needed for drinking milk and water. The so-called illness comes from the mouth. For the health and safety of the baby, parents should pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of the feeding bottle. How long does it take to cook the baby bottle? Is the steam of the baby bottle sterilizer better or the UV?

How long does it take to cook the baby bottle?

Sterilization of baby bottles usually takes 3 to 5 minutes.

Depending on the material of the baby bottle, pay attention to it when boiling: remember to cook the glass baby bottle under cold water and gradually heat it to a boil. The plastic and silicone milk bottles must be boiled after the water is boiled. At present, baby bottles are made of glass, plastic, and silicone materials, and both baby bottles and pacifiers need to be sterilized regularly. Generally, they can be sterilized by boiling them in boiling water for about 3 to 5 minutes.

Is the steam of the baby bottle sterilizer better or the UV?

Let me first talk about what ultraviolet light is. Ultraviolet light lies outside the purple light in the spectrum and is invisible light. Ultraviolet rays have a bactericidal effect, and wards in hospitals are disinfected by ultraviolet rays.

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Ultraviolet baby bottle sterilizer:


1. Drying at medium and low temperature to avoid the release of plasticizers or undesirable chemicals in plastics (such as plastic baby bottles) caused by high temperature of steam.

2. Disinfect after drying, and put disinfection at the end to avoid secondary pollution.

3. Easy to use, no need to add water, avoid troubles such as scale.

4. The medium and low temperature disinfection can just sterilize the baby bottle without scalding, it can be dried automatically, and it has a storage function.


1. Due to the low energy of ultraviolet radiation and weak penetration, the blind area of ​​light cannot guarantee the sterilization effect, so this type of sterilizer is usually combined with ozone sterilization to make up for the shortcomings of ultraviolet sterilization.

2. Ultraviolet rays have a short wavelength and long-term direct exposure to the skin will cause skin damage. Keep away from the sterilizer when it is working.

3. Ozone is harmful to the human body. The sterilizer should be placed in a ventilated place to dilute the ozone in the air. Most of these products have an air-drying function. Pay attention to the quality of the ambient air when using them, and regularly clean the air inlet duct and the dust of the wind blades to avoid secondary pollution to the baby bottle.

4. The national tableware disinfection standard does not include this disinfection method

Steam type baby bottle sterilizer:


1. Using 100℃ high-temperature steam sterilization is currently the most widely used, most thorough and effective method of sterilization, and the national tableware sterilization standard has adopted this method.

2. There are no strict requirements on the structure and light transmittance of the equipment to be sterilized, and it is especially suitable for sterilizing children's milk bottles and tableware.

3. High-temperature water vapor can dissolve and peel off the unwashed milk scale in the bottle.

4. The sterilizer usually has the automatic shutdown function for water drying. Since only about 100ml of water needs to be heated, it saves water and electricity.


1. After the baby bottle sterilizer is used for a period of time, the stainless steel electric heating plate will have scale. Excessive scale will affect the normal operation of the sterilizer, which means that it will automatically shut down after a few minutes of work.

In summary, the ultraviolet baby bottle sterilizer has low radiation energy and weak penetrating power, and can only kill microorganisms that are directly irradiated. Disinfection effects that cannot be achieved in blind areas such as pacifiers and the inner walls of baby bottles. More importantly, the national tableware disinfection standard does not include this kind of disinfection method, so after comparison, the choice of steam milk bottle sterilizer can achieve disinfection effect and safety better than uv sterilizer.