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What are the brands of ozone generators for ALD and semiconductors?

Semiconductors, ALD have flourished in recent years, and ozone is used by the electronics industry for the formation of CVD and ALD thin films, oxide growth, photoresist removal, and various cleaning applications. We introduce several ozone generators that can meet the needs of the semiconductor industry.

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1. American SEMOZON® AX8415

SEMOZON® AX8415 is an innovative and versatile ozone generator developed by MKS. The novel structure and patented cell design of this ozone generator produces high-clean, high-concentration, high-flow ozone that converts oxygen into high-concentration ozone >400 g/Nm3 for cutting-edge applications in the semiconductor, flat panel display, and photovoltaic industries .

Ozone concentrations up to 425 g/Nm3 or 27.1 wt% at 5°C @ 2.5 slm
Process flexibility from 2.5 slm to 50 slm O2 flow
Patented battery design produces high concentrations of ozone
Operates with or without added nitrogen
Closed-loop operation enables tighter process control

2. Sumitomo GRG ozone generator

Japan's Sumitomo GRG ozone generation technology is applied to meet the water treatment needs of drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities, swimming pools and aquariums, and industrial facilities for industrial water, wastewater, and reclaimed water. In addition, the same technology has been applied to the production processes of chemical manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, and LCD manufacturers, among others.
· Nitrogen-free ultra-clean ozone without nitrogen dioxide (NO)
· High concentration 400g/m2(N)[25.6wt%]
· Stable ozone concentration
Small size and light weight Discharge unit and power unit in one unit
· High pressure resistance 0.5MPa (working pressure: 0.15MPa)
· CE, NRTL, SEMI S2 compliant applications
· ALD · Photoresist strips
· LPCVD · Wet cleaning · SOM

3. Canada Absolute Ozone® ATLAS 30

Absolute Ozone® Ozone Generators Due to their unique elegant design, utilizing microfluidic platform technology and outstanding durability, all air-cooled Absolute Ozone® generators reliably deliver ultra-pure, high-concentration ozone for a variety of specialty applications. Its performance is unmatched in the industry, reliably producing high concentrations of ozone up to 16% by weight.

Operates with or without added nitrogen
Concentration (weight percent O3): 200mg/L (5 -20wt%)
Working pressure: 15-35Psig
Gas flow: 0.1 - 4 slpm
Air-cooled, place the ozone generator in a well-ventilated area that is not affected by the weather
Medical compounds

4. IN USA OG-5000 ozone generator

The OG-5000 series of ozone generators are designed to meet the demand for high-concentration clean ozone in the semiconductor industry and can be used in chemical vapor deposition, atomic layer deposition, oxide growth and wet processing processes.

Concentration (weight percent O3): over 200mg/L (5 -20wt%)
Nitrogen for doping Level 5 or higher (0.5% only)
Intake flow 0.5 to 20 slpm
Ozone outlet pressure 15 to 40 psig
Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
oxide growth
surface treatment

5. Sweden Primozone GM1-4 2.0

The Primozone GM1-4 2.0 high performance ozone generator is based on Primozone's patented technology. A technology that enables reliable ozone production with low energy consumption and excellent life cycle costs. The high-performance ozone generator is based on Primozone's patented technology. A technology that enables reliable ozone production with low energy consumption and excellent life cycle costs.
Intake oxygen > 94%, N2 < 1%
Produces ozone concentrations up to 300 g/m³ (equivalent to 20% by weight)
Absolute air pressure is 3 bar / 43.5 psi
Each generator has an integrated control system that provides safety, monitoring and control.
The modular design makes the generator reliable and easy to maintain.