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What is the best choice for home kitchen disinfection?

As the saying goes, "the poor look at the hall, the rich look at the kitchen." People who have improved their living standards now pay more attention to this adage, and they understand that "we see the kitchen" are no longer just to see what to eat, but to the hardware construction of the kitchen, a kitchen system with health as the middle. Construction. In this project, the ozone generator td ozone disinfection cabinet started to become a bright spot and became an important thing to ensure health. It was combined with a range hood and a stove to form a new kitchen "three-piece", which was loved by consumers. During the interview, the reporter discovered that the horizontal disinfection cabinet that can be embedded in the group cabinet is a hot choice for newly-installed families. Among the consumers of newly-purchased group cabinets, most departments regard the disinfection cabinet as a must.

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The unevenness of the ozone concentration has very strict requirements on the discharge gap. The smaller the discharge gap, the higher the ozone concentration. To obtain a high concentration of ozone, the discharge gap should be 0.1%. However, to complete the narrow discharge gap, the processing technology and dielectric must be affected. The material has extremely high requirements. The company's electrodes are formed by one-time molding and processing in the middle of foreign-imported turning-milling composite processing to prevent the uneven gap caused by manual welding from affecting the operation of the parts.

The working principle of the poison cabinet is no more than ozone disinfection, purple inner line disinfection, and red inner line low-temperature disinfection. The cabinet-type upper base, inlaid upper and lower baskets, and wall-mounted left and right separation are all for distinguishing disinfection methods. Generally speaking, low-temperature disinfection is thorough, but consumes a lot of power, and cannot sterilize tableware such as plastic, glass, and bone that are not resistant to low temperature. After disinfection, the tableware needs to wait 20 minutes before taking it out. The combination of ozone and purple inner line disinfection can disinfect the plastic products, but it cannot completely kill the germs. After disinfection, you must wait for 20 minutes before taking it out to prevent the pungent ozone smell. Only the red inner line low-temperature disinfection cabinet can reach the two-star standard.

According to understanding, at present, there are three main types of ozone disinfection cabinets on the market: cabinet type, mosaic type, and ozone machine. The middle cabinet type should be purchased separately, and the mosaic type and wall-mounted type are best to integrate the kitchen decoration in one step during the decoration. Generally, the inlaid type is located under the stove, and the wall-mounted type is hung on the side of the range hood. In an environment with the same effect, all inlaid styles are made of brushed steel materials, which are not easy to scratch, while wall-mounted styles are mostly painted with paint, which will turn yellow over time. In addition, because the inlaid products will adopt a two-layer basket layout in the future, they can be used as a cupboard.

Compared with the dishwasher, the disinfection cabinet can be said to be the first to come first. Although the dishwasher claimed to be in the ordinary common people's kitchen many years ago, it is still hovering at the door of the common people's kitchen today. It is a great honor for the disinfection cabinet to enter the public kitchen with the help of a SARS and avian flu, followed by people's search for health.

The reporter saw in a home appliance store in Beijing that cabinet-type disinfection cabinets are the cheapest, generally ranging from 550-1,000 yuan, wall-mounted type ranging from 800-1,500 yuan, while inlaid type is the most expensive and largest in volume, and famous brands are above 2,500 yuan. .

In the domestic market, this symptom is exactly the same. Most Chinese people still can’t handle th0e dishwasher’s method of washing dishes once a day, and the dishwasher takes a long time to wash dishes, consumes a lot of power, and most of them are consumers and even sales staff. They all think that it is difficult to wash Western tableware with the flushing water, and it is also difficult for the purple inner line and ozone to disinfect the tableware in all directions. What is more crucial is that the dishwasher does not have the function of low-temperature disinfection, so it takes a longer time to deal with the residue. More western tableware is prone to odor. The disinfection cabinet has the advantages of abundant products, low cost, convenient use, and convenient health, so it has naturally become the favorite of many consumers in the kitchen.

Although it is said that, in fact, the ozone disinfection cabinet can enter the common people's family smoothly. Not only do people seek health, but also their own happiness. Compared with dishwashers, disinfection cabinets are not only branded, relatively rich in styles, but also have products at different price points. The reporter also discovered through the understanding that the dishwasher and the disinfection cabinet are actually products of intertwined functions. From a certain level, it is very unlikely that a family with a disinfection cabinet will buy a dishwasher, and vice versa. The popular dishwashers on the market today generally integrate the functions of washing, drying, storage, etc., using ozone to sterilize, and adding detergent that kills bacteria and viruses when washing dishes, it is possible for consumers to purchase disinfection cabinets. Will be smaller. This is also the reason why it is difficult to implement disinfection cabinets in the Taixi market where dishwashers are popular.