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What is the principle of solar mosquito killer?

The solar mosquito killer lamp is a product approved by the state as a utility model patent. The product uses solar energy (amorphous silicon) production technology and new solar cell technology to convert solar energy into electric energy storage, and uses solar energy to supply power to the mosquito lamp tube, which causes the temptation of mosquitoes, and electrocutes the mosquitoes to death. Its larger power comes from solar thermal power, which has made great progress in [1] and agricultural tourism.

The solar mosquito killer lamp is a simple and practical mechanical device. According to the living habits of the mosquitoes, it releases light chemicals to attract the mosquitoes, and then catch the mosquitoes through the negative pressure device. One kind of environmental protection equipment is a new generation of high-efficiency environmental protection mosquito machine that absorbs foreign technology and carries out a variety of technological improvements.

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Use mosquitoes to emit light, move with the airflow, are sensitive to temperature, and like to live in groups, especially the use of mosquitoes to chase the odor of carbon dioxide, developed an environmentally friendly, pollution-free high-efficiency killing tool black light to eliminate mosquitoes. Mosquito lights can be divided into three types: electronic mosquito lights, shop mosquito lights, and negative pressure airflow mosquitoes. The mosquito elimination lamp has the characteristics of simple structure, low price, beautiful appearance, small size, and power consumption. There is no need to use chemical mosquito repellent when using it, so it is a more environmentally friendly way of repelling mosquitoes.

What is the principle of solar mosquito killer?

Organically combine the photosensitivity of pests with traditional light attraction. Receive sunlight during the day to store electricity, automatically turn off the lights, and at night, use intelligent electronic control to automatically turn on the black lights and turn on the sun lights to produce a photoregeneration effect, attract female pests, and prevent pests from reproducing. Its advantage is the advantage of greatly reducing the use of pesticides, which can replace the existing electricity and save energy

What is the function of the solar mosquito killer?

This product has the functions of light control, tense, automatic shutdown, high voltage electric shock, and automatic protection (environmental fee is high voltage short circuit, automatic shutdown, short circuit excluding, automatic start). It has innovative, advanced, mechanical and electrical integration, and new technology products with a high level of automation. .

What are the characteristics of solar mosquito killers?

1. Large manned range and long life span. A field of 5-7 acres of radiation can be used for 5-7 years.

2. Pest control effect and destruction efficiency.

3. Wide range of use and multiple role types. Various agricultural and forestry crops, wheat fields, cotton fields, vegetable gardens, forests, flowers and orchards can be used.

4. Realize pollution-free and reduce people's burden

5. Energy saving and safe use

6. Reliable quality, convenient installation, economical and affordable, good quality and low price

The solar mosquito killer has stable performance, reliable quality, reasonable structure, strong wind resistance (it can resist 8th and 9th typhoons), the height can be adjusted at any time, and it is easy to use. Its appearance is beautiful and generous, and its continuous installation can also form a bright spot for new rural construction and agricultural tourism.