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Why Choose Solar Mosquito Killing Lamp for Outdoor Mosquito Killing?

May is the season when mosquitoes start to appear in most parts of the country, and it is also the peak season for the killing industry. Whether it is a school, a hospital, a community, a park, a government agency, or an enterprise or institution, the work of eliminating mosquitoes and flies must be carried out. Throughout these outdoor areas, many of them choose to install solar mosquito killer lamps. Why is this?

Shang Ke summarized three reasons for your reference:

1. The environmental protection properties of solar mosquito killer lamps.

From the name, it can be seen that the mosquito killer lamp uses a clean and environmentally friendly energy - solar energy, which is not harmful to the environment and is inexhaustible. In addition, the solar mosquito killing lamp is based on the phototaxis principle of mosquitoes. It uses light waves to attract mosquitoes and high-voltage power grids to kill mosquitoes. It is a pure physical method to kill mosquitoes, and the whole process is also environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

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2. The effectiveness of solar mosquito killer lamps.

Its effectiveness has been confirmed from the working principle of solar mosquito killer. From a practical point of view, solar mosquito killer lamps are not only effective for mosquitoes, but also for flying insects. And it is not only effective for chironomids, but also for Culex and Aedes, which can greatly reduce the density of mosquitoes, block disease transmission vectors, and maintain public health.

3. Compulsory solar mosquito killing lamp.

Because of the first two reasons, outdoor mosquito-killing lamps represented by solar-powered mosquito-killing lamps have become a must-have equipment for killing mosquitoes, and are the first choice for physical mosquito-killing, and have been written into the killing standards. In many killing tenders, there are almost all requirements for the use of outdoor mosquito killer lamps, and the types and some parameters of outdoor mosquito killer lamps are limited. Because, if the mosquito killer lamp is not used in the outdoor killing, it may not pass the acceptance of Party A.

Why Choose Solar Mosquito Killing Lamp for Outdoor Mosquito Killing? The above three reasons are enough to explain the inevitability of the use of solar mosquito killer lamps.