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Why is the mosquito killer light purple?

The mosquito killer lamp is an environmental protection device used to trap mosquitoes. It can be used in private places such as villa courtyards and gardens, as well as in public places such as residential areas, parks, and hotels. Many users who need mosquito killer lamps will ask after seeing relevant pictures posted by Shangke: Why is the mosquito killer lamp purple? Shangke is a professional manufacturer of outdoor mosquito killers. I will explain it to you in detail today.

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According to the conclusions of biologists, mosquitoes are phototaxis and are very sensitive to certain light waves. This is the basis for the research and design of the mosquito killer lamp. So what color of light is attractive to mosquitoes? It's not white light, blue light, red light, or purple light. It's actually long-wave ultraviolet light. Long-wave ultraviolet light refers to light waves between 320nm-400nm, which cannot be recognized by the naked eye. But we usually see that the light emitted by the mosquito killer is purple, so why is the mosquito killer purple? In fact, the long-wave ultraviolet is just between the visible light and the invisible light, and the visible light is just purple light. The peak of long-wave ultraviolet light is 365nm, which cannot be seen by the human eye, and the edge is purple light, which can be seen by the human eye, but it is relatively faint. It is very small in attracting mosquitoes. Just because it is shown to be recognized by the human eye, many people mistakenly believe that the mosquito killer uses purple light to attract mosquitoes.

Is ultraviolet light harmful to people? Ultraviolet rays are divided into short-wave ultraviolet, medium-wave ultraviolet and long-wave ultraviolet. Among them, short-wave ultraviolet and medium-wave ultraviolet are harmful to humans, and the severity is carcinogenic. The harm of long-wave ultraviolet rays to humans is mainly concentrated on the skin tanning. As for the mosquito killer lamp, the harm or radiation of the mosquito killer light to humans is negligible. Because the radiation value of this mosquito trap light source is very small. In addition, the mosquito killer mainly works at night and is in an outdoor environment. And people don't spend time outdoors at night, there is no overlap between the two.